Answered By: Sarah Cox
Last Updated: Mar 07, 2023     Views: 33

  • No, the computers are set up so that when you log off, any changes made to the system will be wiped off, including any files that you saved to My Documents or elsewhere on the system.
  • Save your work to an outside device such as a flash drive, the cloud, or email it to yourself.
  • Every Brescia student has a OneDrive account with storage in the cloud. You may save work on OneDrive and access it from any device with access to the internet.
  • Flash drives are available for checkout at the circulation desk if you need one.
  • It is highly recommended that you save your work often to avoid accidentally losing progress or one's work.
  • Also, if you must leave a computer unattended for any amount of time, please lock it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete so as to not lose your work and to keep someone else from accessing it. Please note that after approx. 30 min. of inactivity the computer may automatically restart.